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This is the ExSite9 (EIF009) application.

Head over to the wiki for project documentation. Or Downloads for installation packages.

ExSite9 is a desktop application that was built to facilitate researchers easily and quickly tagging their data files with descriptive metadata and subsequently packaging their data files and associated metadata ready for submission to a repository. ExSite9 also allows for the structural organisation of said files within actually moving their physical location on your local file storage; allowing you to correctly organise your files and metadata ready for packaging.

The application was built by Intersect Australia for the Australian National Data Service as part of the Fast Start program.

ExSite9 is a cross-platform Java desktop application, built using Eclipse RCP, that will allow researchers to indentify their research data files, "tag" their data files with descriptive metadata, and package their data files and associated metadata ready for submission to repositories.

This code is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license - see LICENSE.txt

The documentation (contained in the Github wiki) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike