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Commitizen friendly NPM: svelte-icons Build Status License: MIT

Svelte Icons

Icon components for svelte.


npm install --save svelte-icons


Visit the icon navigator to search through the available icon sets. Click an icon to copy the import statement to your clipboard.

  import ChevronCircleUp from 'svelte-icons/fa/FaChevronCircleUp.svelte';

  .icon {
    color: red;
    width: 32px;
    height: 32px;

<div class="icon">
  <ChevronCircleUp />

Running The Example (Icon Navigator)

Should be as simple as running yarn and then yarn dev at root and at /example (second terminal).

[ NOTE / TODO ]: Building the example takes a very long time, but technically hot-reloading should be fast, although it seems that rollup is not caching dynamic imports for some reason, which means dev with hot-reload is not possible atm. The current work around is to remove some number (ideally all but one) of dynamic imports from inside store.js, depending on which packages you need during development.


The deployment for the NPM package (svelte-icons) is automated via travis CI, whereas the example is deployed manually via the examples directory, by running yarn deploy.