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OctopusKit QuickStart

Template and tutorial for the OctopusKit game engine.

  1. 🆕 In Xcode 11 or later, create a new Single View App project, and choose User Interface: SwiftUI.

    ❗️ Do NOT create a "Game" project, because that template does not use SwiftUI.

    Running OctopusKit games on-device requires iOS/iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina or later.

  2. 📦 Add OctopusKit as a Swift Package Manager Dependency.

    Xcode File menu » Swift Packages » Add Package Dependency...

    Enter the URL for the GitHub repository.

    Download the "develop" branch for the latest version.

  3. 📥 Copy and include the QuickStart/Universal/ folder (which supports both iOS and macOS) in your project.

    In the Xcode Project Navigator, menu-click on the OctopusKit/QuickStart/ folder and select "Show in Finder" then drag the Universal subfolder into your project folder in the Xcode navigator.

  4. 🖼 Add the OctopusKitQuickStartView to the ContentView.swift file:

    var body: some View {
  5. 🚀 Build and run the project to verify that the template works.

  6. 👓 Examine the OctopusKitQuickStartView.swift file and dig around in the QuickStart folder to see how everything works, then modify the template for your specific game.

    📁 The main content of the template is in the TitleState and PlayState folders.

    🏷 Filenames are prefixed with a number denoting the order they come in during the application's life cycle.

    🔍 Search for comments prefixed with STEP # for a quick overview of the flow of execution.

    💡 Try out different components from the Sources/OctopusKit/Components folder.

  7. Check the documentation:

    • For a detailed explanation of the engine architecture, see in the Documentation folder of the OctopusKit package/repository.

    • To see how to do common tasks, refer to Usage

OctopusKit © 2019 Invading OctopusApache License 2.0

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