C++ implementation of Alessandro Moschitti's Tree Kernel algorithm, from "Making Tree Kernels Practical for Natural Language Learning"
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A C++ implementation of tree kernels per Alessandro Moschitti's 2006 paper, "Making Tree Kernels Practical for Natural Language Learning"

This consists of two directories, tree-parser and tree-kernel itself. tree-parser parses Penn Treebank forms of sentences as produced by the Standford Parser, (example) among others. Eg:

     (NP (PRP$ My) (NN dog))
     (ADVP (RB also))
     (VP (VBZ likes)
         (VP (VBG eating)
           (NP (NN sausage)))))
     (. .)))

This TreeKernel source is MIT licensed (see LICENSE), and commercially useable. If you need a different one just ask.

Though one person has used this without an SVM, I intended to integrate this into an SVM library, though I never got around to it. The two libraries I had in mind were: libSVM - github, home and: Dlib - home

Feel free to integrate it yourself, I'd love to hear about it if you do.


This is GNU Makefile, and GCC based, but nothing is OS-dependent so it should be easily tweakable for other systems.

cd tree-parser

cd ../tree-kernel


There are several optimizations possible - templating out sigma, making NodePairsDeltaTable an unordered_map, but most of all, storing the Nodes in Sentence in a vector and using indices as pointers to them (to save memory and cache). C bindings would be nice, too.

If you make any improvements I'll be happy to take them. Of course, you can just do what you want with it.