Convert NUnit generated XML result files into a self-contained Bootstrap based HTML page
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NUnit HTML Report Generator

This project is used to convert NUnit (V2) generated XML result files into a self-contained Bootstrap 3 based HTML page. The page is designed to be responsive and viewable on mobile and desktop devices. It has been tested on Windows 8 under Chrome and IE and Chrome for Android.



  1. Open in Visual Studio 2012
  2. Click Build > Build Solution

##Running in Visual Studio Included in the project is an example NUnit XML results file originally found at vincentp-tests playground. The project has a debug command line arguement set in the project settings that will pass the filename of the example file into the software to generate a HTML file. Clicking the Start Debugging/F5 button in visual studio will run the software and generate a HTML file based on the example XML file. The output file will be found in the same directory as your executable (bin).

##Standard Usage Download the latest release from the releases page and extract the files onto your machine. The application can be called from the command line as follows:
NUnitHTMLReportGenerator.exe [input-path] [output-path]

##Disclaimer This project is maintained by Luke Browning on behalf of Jatech and is released under the GPLv2.0.