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Automated testing tool for algorithms supported by all smart card with Java Card platform.
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Automated testing tool for algorithms supported by all smart card with JavaCard platform.


Using JCIDE open this project, Click "Buid All Packages(F7)" to build the source code.


This source code is freely and under the LGPL license.

Detailed usage

  1. Download prepared version (AlgTest_JavaCard/AlgTest_***.cap) or compile your own modification of AlgTest applet. In case of use of provided *.cap file, use version that is supported by your card or simply start with version converted with highest version of converter (e.g., AlgTest_v1.1_jc2.2.2.cap) and then use lower version if card refuses to accept this file.

  2. Use pyApduTool to upload AlgTest package to your smart card and install it : Package AID: 6D 79 70 61 63 6B 61 67 31, Applet AID: 6D 79 70 61 63 30 30 30 31. No special installation parameters are given. Sometimes,you need your card's authentication keys to have permission to upload and install applet on it.

  3. Run application AlgTestJClient.jar: To run the project from the command line, go to the dist folder and type the following: "java -jar AlgTestJClient.jar" Choose the target reader for card with uploaded AlgTest applet and let it run. CSV file with values separated by the semicolon is created (such as AlgTest_ATR.csv).


Have doubts? You can Click Here.


"JCAlgTest_JavaCard" directory is the whole JCIDE project. You can click Here to download and use it.

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