JSR 354 - Technical Compatibiliy Kit (TCK)
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JSR 354: Money and Currency TCK

JSR 354 provides an API for representing, transporting, and performing comprehensive calculations with Money and Currency. For more details see JavaMoney.org and JSR 354: Money and Currency API

The current module contains the technical compatibility kit of JSR 354.

Basically the TCK can be run as a standalone application. Hereby you must ensure you add the following libraries to your classpath:

  • the TCK itself
  • the JSR 354 API jar (either for Java 8 or for Java 7)
  • your implementation under test and all its dependencies
  • TestNG and all its dependencies
  • your implementation and SE service registration of org.javamoney.tck.JSR354TestConfiguration

You can do this all manually, use your IDE or use Maven, the latter by performing the following tasks:

  1. Create a new project Maven or Gradle.

  2. Add dependencies:

  3. Implement a class of type org.javamoney.tck.JSR354TestConfiguration, read the Javadoc, what you must provide with this class.

  4. Add a single test class with a singlet test as follows:

    public void runTCK(){
        Tool runner = new TCKRunner();
        runner.run(System.in, System.out, System.err, new String[0]);
  5. To execute the TCK, simply execute

        mvn clean test
  6. Go to target - there you will find your TCK test results.

As jump-start you can clone javamoney-tck-usage-example (master: Java 8 and above, backport: Java 7)

Additional details and options are also available in user guide.

The JSR 354 Team.

This module is licenced under the the Apache 2 Licence.

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