A collection of 80th game console emulators for the Teensy3.6
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A collection of 80th game Console Emulators and Computer for the Teensy3.6 MCU

Teensy Console Emulators Collection

5 game consoles are currently supported: Atari2600 (teensyvcs), Philips Videopac/Odyssey (teensyo2em), Colecovision (teensycolem), NES (teensynes) and Atarti 5200 (teensy5200).
3 computer cores: Zx80/Zx81 (teensy81), Zx Spectrum (teensyspeccy) and Atari800 (teensy800)

All emulators support both ILI9341 TFT and VGA output using the uVGA library https://github.com/qix67/uVGA
Can be compiled at 144MHz,180MHz and 240 MHz (180MHz is best for all!), only NES requires 240Mhz for better performances.


Optional requirements:

  • VGA connector according to https://github.com/qix67/uVGA pinout
  • 3 more buttons (for USER2,USER3,USER4)
  • Digital 9 pins port for external joystick (Atari/C64 like joystick)
  • I2C custom keyboard usin i2c_t3 library


  • see pinout.txt file in the project

I2C keyboard for computers emulators (optional)

  • see pinout.txt file in i2ckeyboard sub-directory
  • the I2C keyboard is using a separate atmega328p MCU handling the keys matrix


  • Format the SD card as FAT32
  • extract the content of SD.zip in the root directory
  • there must be a sub-directorie for each emulator and the default callibration file for the ILI9341 touch screen
    • "2600" => for teensyvcs, put your Atari 2600 roms here (.bin)
    • "5200" => for teensy5200, put your Atari 5200 roms here (.bin)
    • "800" => for teensy800, put your Atari 800 cartridges here (.rom)
    • "o2em" => for teenso2em, put your Videopac/Odysssey roms here (.bin)
    • "coleco" => for teensycolem, put your Colecovision roms here (.rom, including coleco.rom)
    • "nes" => for teensynes, put your .nes files here, onlt 32k games are supported (galaga,xevious,mario1...)
    • "spec" => for teensyspeccy, put your ".z80" or ".sna" files here into sub-dirs or not ( max 48K )
    • "z81" => for teensy81, put your ".p", ".81"(, ".56") ".80" or ".o" files here, into sub-dirs or not ( max 56K )
    • "cal.cfg"
  • insert the microSD in the teensy


  • Install SDFAT abd uVGA libraries for the Teensy (see links above)
  • Because the standard Audio library is clashing with the SDFAT library, you need to remove SD streaming from the Audio library
    • locate play_sd_raw*,play_sd_wav* and play_serialflash_raw* and move them inside a backup directory
  • load the emulator's ino file in the IDE and compile for 180MHz (or whatever best frequency)

Status and known issues

  • teensycolem:

    • has sound!
  • teensyvcs:

    • no sound yet
    • limited cartridge size support (due to ram constraint)
  • teensyo2em:

    • no sound
    • only videopac G7000 games supported (due to ram constraint)
  • teensynes:

    • no sound
    • 32k roms only supported
    • needs a little bit of speedup but playable...
  • teensy5200:

    • basic sound support
    • 16 and 32k roms
  • teensyspeccy:

    • Z80 and SNA support
    • YM and preliminary buzz sound support
    • 48k games only supported
    • kempston joystick supported but on screen keyboard may not answer in some games
    • I2C custom keyboard support!
  • teensy81:

    • zx80 and zx81
    • .P, .81 and .80 format support (rename .56 for Zx81 hires game that requires 48k or more)
    • I2C custom keyboard support!
    • HIRES support for zx81
    • zx80 support
    • YM sound support for zx81
  • teensy800:

    • .rom support (no floppy yet)
    • I2C custom keyboard support!
    • basic sound support
  • general:

    • menu not perfect!
    • touch screen precision to be checked (not sure if calibration works for all)
    • one joystick supported only
    • few bugs in GFX rendering (disturbance in VGA especially)


  • download the compiled project to the teensy from the SDK (only one emulator at a time is supported!)
  • you should see the roms you copied on the SD being listed
  • if you touch the screen while rebooting the teensy, you enter the callibration mode:
    • follow the instructions and click the red cross at each corner untill the procedure is finished
    • then touch the center and the menu will be displayed again...
  • you can select the rom with up/down or via the touch screen or the touch arrows at the left
  • you can start the game in TFT mode by pressing the FIRE key or clicking the TFT icon at the right
  • you can start the game in VGA mode by pressing the USER1 key or clicking the VGA icon at the right
  • while the game is running, clicking the touch screen will show up the emulator's keyboard/keypad for more interaction.
    • you can just click on the on screen key to perform the corresponding action,it will leave the keyboard also
    • e.g. coleco games typically requires a digit to be pressed
  • You can then play the game with the analog joystick and the FIRE/USER1 keys
  • press the RESET key to reboot the emulator and load another ROM
  • while the menu is shown at startup you can also swap the joysticks and use the external one if it was wired.


I mostly ported the emulators from existing projects, all the credit goes to the authors of colem, o2em , x2600, moarnes, mc-4u, sz81, atari800 and jun52 projects! Thanks a lot also to Frank Boesing for his ILI DMA library from which I started from and his great Teensy64 project https://github.com/FrankBoesing/Teensy64