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MIRT (Michigan Image Reconstruction Toolbox) in Julia

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This is a collection of tools for image reconstruction in the open-source Julia language.

Currently it contains a limited collection of the tools from the Matlab version of MIRT, but this collection will grow over time.

This software was developed at the University of Michigan by Jeff Fessler and his group, with valuable contributions from the Julia community.

Getting started

For detailed installation instructions, see:

This package is registered in the General registry, so you can install at the REPL with ] add MIRT.

For development, use the dev command in Julia's package manager, or

  • git clone


You can test drive some jupyter notebooks in your browser without installing any local software by using the free service at through the links at the companion demonstration repository

Reproducible research

This package includes some tools from

For additional reproducible research code, see


Current version is tested with "latest" stable version of Julia (currently 1.8.3). Older tagged versions should work with older Julia versions.

Related packages

  • JuliaImageRecon growing collection of image reconstruction packages
  • LinearMapsAA is central to how imaging system models are used here.


Early versions of MIRT.jl attempted to house many methods under one roof. More recently, the methods are being isolated into smaller component packages at JuliaImageRecon.

A similar evolution happened with Images/Images.jl and it is likely that MIRT will evolve to be an "umbrella package" that exports a set of packages that are useful for image reconstruction.

As of v0.15, the following functions are deprecated:

old new see
jim MIRTjim.jim MIRTjim.jl
prompt MIRTjim.prompt
fld_read FileIO.load AVSfldIO.jl
fld_write FileIO.jl
ndgrid LazyGrids.ndgrid LazyGrids.jl
image_geom ImageGeoms.ImageGeom ImageGeoms.jl
ellipse_im ImagePhantoms.phantom ImagePhantoms.jl
ellipse_sino ImagePhantoms.radon ImagePhantoms.jl
mri_objects ImagePhantoms.spectrum ImagePhantoms.jl
sino_geom Sinograms.RayGeom Sinograms.jl