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ReSharper plugin for AngularJS support
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official JetBrains project


A plugin for ReSharper that adds support for AngularJS.

What does it do?

This plugin adds the following features:

  • Code completion for AngularJS elements and attributes in HTML files. It supports the standard ng- syntax, as well as the data-ng- and x-ng- forms.
  • Improved code completion for injected services in controllers, directives, filters, etc. ReSharper knows the type of injected services and shows improved code completion for properties of these services and providers.
  • Live Templates for HTML, JavaScript and TypeScript. The templates are grouped into helpers for module, directive, scope, global, html and routing. They can be seen and edited in the Templates Explorer.

The Live Templates are based on the IntelliJ templates by Pawel Kozlowski.

How do I get it?

You can install directly into ReSharper via the Extension Manager in the ReSharper menu.

Packages for previous versions are still available on the Extension Manager.

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