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Hackintosh for DELL OptiPlex 9020


  • Fix hibernation issues

  • Smooth upgrade for macOS 10.15


Copy files in EFI directory to your EFI partition.

NOTE THAT you should re-generate smbios information.

Fix BIOS issues

General method (Windows recommanded)

  • Download BIOS Tools.

  • Fetch the address of block location.

    1. Use BIOS_Backup_TooKit.exe to fetch BIOS rom.

    2. Use UEFITool to open BIOS rom.

    3. Search keywords (cfg lock, DVMT), then Extract body.

    1. The output file is like Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.efi, use IFR-Extractor and command ./ifrextract Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.efi Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.txt to convert it into text file.

    2. Open Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup_body.txt and search keywords (cfg lock, DVMT) to find the closest addres behind it.

    1. Enter GRUB Shell (use bootx64.efi in to boot)

    2. Check address value by typing setup_var [ADDR]

    3. Typing setup_var [cfg lock address here] 0x00 to disable cfg lock.

    4. Typing setup_var [DVMT address here] 0x03 to increase DVMT to 96M.

Easy for DELL OptiPlex 9020

Since I've already finished these steps above, just type the following command.

  • Disable MSR 0xE2 (i.e. cfg lock) setup_var 0xDA2 0x00

  • Increase DVMT to 96M setup_var 0x263 0x03

  • You can check the value by typing setup_var [ADDR]


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