A standard GUI collection written in wxPython
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A standard GUI collection written in wxPython

Use like import wxsimpleGUI as sg.

The following functions are currently implemented:

name purpose
SelectOne Select one string out of a list
SelectMult Select multiple out of a list of strings
DirDlg Standard directory selection
OpenDlg Multiple file selection
ExcBox Display traceback of last exception
YesNoBox Return True or False
InputBox Return user entered string
PasswordBox Return user entered password
MultInputBox Simple multiple data input dialog
MsgBox The standard one
BusyInfo Display non-blocking info
ScrollingTextbox Display text or text files in a scrollable window
ProgressBar Display a progress bar


import wxsimpleGUI as sg
answer = sg.YesNoBox("Do you smoke?", "an honest answer please!")
if answer:
    print("you are reducing your lifetime expectancy!")
    print("I hope you didn't lie ...")