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klieret commented May 28, 2019

Type of Issues (Enhancement, Error, Bug, Question)


  1. Initialize Window
  2. Show it (window.Read())
  3. Run window.Disable()
  4. The whole desktop environment freezes, nothing is clickable anymore
  5. Change to tty terminal and kill application
  6. Things are normal again

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit

Python version

Python 3.5.2


enhancement good first issue documentation Performance Improvement

INFO-SPIDER 是一个集众多数据源于一身的爬虫工具箱🧰,旨在安全快捷的帮助用户拿回自己的数据,工具代码开源,流程透明。支持数据源包括GitHub、QQ邮箱、网易邮箱、阿里邮箱、新浪邮箱、Hotmail邮箱、Outlook邮箱、京东、淘宝、支付宝、中国移动、中国联通、中国电信、知乎、哔哩哔哩、网易云音乐、QQ好友、QQ群、生成朋友圈相册、浏览器浏览历史、12306、博客园、CSDN博客、开源中国博客、简书。

  • Updated Mar 12, 2022
  • Python
adrianyorke commented Jan 26, 2020

It is good practice that repositories contain a CONTRIBUTING document in the root directory.

This makes it easy for contributors, especially first time contributors, to follow project standards and create pull requests in accordance with how the maintainers would like submissions to be made.

The format of this document is normally Markdown (.md) or reStructuredText (.rst/.rest). Both format

documentation WORK IN PROGRESS good first issue
Correct-Syntax commented Feb 14, 2022

Currently, we do not have pre-built python wheels for OpenImageIO. OpenImageIO is only used for image I/O so it is not necessarily a hard dependency. OpenCV doesn't provide all of the same support for the formats OIIO does, but that is the tradeoff. :/

This issue should implement cv2 (which is already a dependency) as a fallback for image Input and output when OIIO is not installed. It should a

feature good first issue core python

Python-based portfolio / stock widget which sources data from Yahoo Finance and calculates different types of Value-at-Risk (VaR) metrics and many other (ex-post) risk/return characteristics both on an individual stock and portfolio-basis, stand-alone and vs. a benchmark of choice (constructed with wxPython)

  • Updated Feb 17, 2021
  • Python

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