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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 30, 2020. It is now read-only.


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Storage Nodes for Joystream

This repository contains several Node packages, located under the packages/ subdirectory. See each individual package for details:

  • colossus - the main colossus app.
  • storage - abstraction over the storage backend.
  • runtime-api - convenience wrappers for the runtime API.
  • crypto - cryptographic utility functions.
  • util - general utility functions.
  • discovery - service discovery using IPNS.



This project uses yarn as Node package manager. It also uses some node packages with native components, so make sure to install your system's basic build tools.

On Debian-based systems:

$ apt install build-essential

On Mac OS (using homebrew):

$ brew install libtool automake autoconf


$ yarn install

The command will install dependencies, and make a colossus executable available:

$ yarn run colossus --help


Running tests from the repository root will run tests from all packages:

$ yarn run test

Detailed Setup and Configuration Guide

For details on how to setup a storage node on the Joystream network, follow this step by step guide.


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