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For API README please navigate to


For Maintainers

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For Developers and Contributors


  • basic git, JavaScript, React knowledge
  • Google Maps API Key from Google Cloud Console
  • git
  • node
  • yarn

To develop locally

Fork original repo at Clone your fork to local directory of your choice, install dependencies, set up your API Key, and start storybook server. Following commands should do the job:

  • git clone - clone your fork `
  • cd react-google-maps-api - move to newly created folder
  • cp .storybook/example.maps.config.ts .storybook/maps.config.ts - create file with API Key
  • yarn install - install dependencies
  • yarn bootstrap - setup workspace
  • yarn storybook - run storybook server

Any changes you make to src folders of contained packages should reflect on the storybook server.

To contribute

Create a feature/fix branch on your own fork and make pull request towards develop branch of the original repo.

You can donate or became a sponsor