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KMPARDS is a global organization which aims to serve the community by educating and delivering services on next generation technologies like Blockchain and IOT

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  1. kami kami Public

    Co-ordinator node for Era Swap Network

    TypeScript 5 3

  2. certidapp-contract certidapp-contract Public

    ECDSA based Certificate issuance and verification

    JavaScript 4 3

  3. esn-contracts esn-contracts Public

    Era Swap DAO and Layer 2 Plasma Smart Contracts

    Solidity 4 4

  4. renting-dapp-react renting-dapp-react Public

    Decentralised Rent Management Smart Contract of Era Swap Ecosystem.

    TypeScript 3 7

  5. timeally-react timeally-react Public

    The Staking DApp of Era Swap Ecosystem

    JavaScript 2 7

  6. Eraswap_life Eraswap_life Public

    The Single Sign-on Portal of Era Swap Ecosystem

    CSS 2 6


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