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Simple asynchronous web server for resolving ip address into geo data using sypex geo database ( Requires twisted and pysyge library to be installed.

Required packages (example for Ubuntu):

  • python
  • python-dev
  • python-virtualenv
  • python-pip

How to install (in work dir):

  • virtualenv .
  • . ./bin/activate
  • pip install twisted pysyge
  • git clone
  • cd georesolver
  • python build
  • python install
  • (download file SxGeoCity.dat and put it into any accessible directory)

How to start (in work dir):

  • . ./bin/activate
  • cd georesolver
  • twistd resolver --host localhost --port 8080 --file ./SxGeoCity.dat

How to shutdown:

  • kill `cat`

How to bind on all interfaces:

  • twistd resolver --host '' --port 8080 --file ./SxGeoCity.dat

How to use: