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#Phonebook Phonebook is an basic command-line phonebook application implementing the Hacker School phonebook specification. It stores names and phone numbers in comma-separated text files (though it could be easily extended to use a more robust backend).

##Installation Download Phonebook:

git clone phonebook

Make Phonebook executable:

cd path-to-phonebook
chmod u+x phonebook

Add Phonebook to your path, e.g.:

ln -s path-to-phonebook/phonebook /usr/local/bin/phonebook


Available commands are:

  • create: Create a new phonebook with the given filename

      phonebook create phonebook.txt
  • set-default: Set the given phonebook to be the default

      phonebook set-default phonebook.txt

    (To use a non-default phonebook, use the -b option)

      phonebook create different-phonebook.txt
      phonebook lookup 'John Smith' -b different-phonebook.txt
  • add: Add a person to the phonebook

      phonebook add 'John Smith' '(987) 654-3210'

    A person may only be in the phonebook once - you cannot store e.g. one entry containing a person's home phone number and another entry with his cell phone number.

  • remove: Remove a person from the phonebook

      phonebook remove 'John Smith'
  • lookup: Look up a person by name

      phonebook lookup 'John'

    Lookup matches all entries containing the lookup string and prints them to the console.

  • reverse-lookup: Look up a person by phone number

      phonebook reverse-lookup '(987) 654-3210'

    Reverse-lookup may return more than one person if both of them have the same phone number.

    Phone numbers are validated using the parser implemented in 'Dive into Python'. It supports US phone numbers entered in any format. The numbers are stored and displayed in the format 'XXX XXX XXXX'.


'Default phonebook' behavior is currently untested.


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