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An open registry of tools that create glTF assets.
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An open registry of tools that create glTF assets.


This registry should not be considered an exhaustive list of glTF creation tools, but rather a highly-structured collection of metadata for a subset of existing tools. Editors and viewers that load glTF files may use this registry to help their users report bugs appropriately when glTF files contain errors. See for a readonly human-friendly list of tools. For a machine-readable version, or to contribute, see registry.json.


field required description
generator Exact asset.generator ID string used in glTF assets. Globs (*) may be used in place of version strings.
name Human-friendly name of the generator. Names are not guaranteed to be unique. For example, "Blender exporter" is a reasonable name, but must be shown with the author field to be unique.
author Author of the generator.
docsURL URL for homepage or documentation.
bugsURL URL for reporting issues.
bugsText If no URL is available, instructions for reporting issues may be given here.
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