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JavaScript SDK for Angular applications.
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IMPORTANT: The Kinvey Angular SDK repository has now moved to: Please go to this repository to submit issues and pull requests.


Kinvey (pronounced Kin-vey, like convey) makes it ridiculously easy for developers to setup, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile apps. They don't have to worry about connecting to various cloud services, setting up servers for their backend, or maintaining and scaling them.

Getting Started

Install and save the Kinvey Angular SDK:

npm install --save kinvey-angular-sdk

Import the Kinvey Angular SDK:


You will then need to inlcude kinvey as a dependency for your app.

const app = angular.module('myApp', ['kinvey']);['$kinvey'], function($kinvey) {
  // ...

Browser and Mobile OS Compatibility

The Kinvey Angular SDK supports the following Browser and Mobile OS versions:

  • Safari 10+
  • Chrome 56+
  • Firefox 50+
  • IE 11
  • Edge
  • iOS Safari
  • Android Chrome (Performance depends on device)
  • iOS: 10.0+
  • Android: 2.3.3+


For more detailed documentation, see Kinvey DevCenter.


See LICENSE for details.

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