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Java code wrappers and programs for access to Onion Omega GPIO pins
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Java wrapper classes and programs that make use of the libnew-gpio C/C++ code to control Onion Omega GPIO pins

Provides the following components:

  • java-gpio-lib - a Java library package for access to the GPIO pins
  • libnew-gpio-jni - a C++ dynamic link library that provides a JNI bridge between java-gpio-lib and the separate C++ library libnew-gpio
  • java-gpio - a Java program that can be used to access GPIO pins similar to the Omega supplied fast-gpio program and to the separate new-gpio program
  • java-expled - a Java program that uses GPIO pin access to control expansion dock led similar to the Omega supplied expled script and to the separate new-expled program

NOTE The libnew-gpio library and the new-gpio and new-expled programs referred to above may be found at

See the file java-gpio.pdf for documentation.

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