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Blender Interplanety Storage (BIS) – the online material (shader) storage add-on for Blender 3D creation.

Author: Nikita Akimov

BIS webpage:

BIS website:

Current version:


Supported Blender versions:

2.78, 2.79

Installation and usage:

  • Download zip archive with add-on distributive.
  • In Blender: User Preferences — Add-ons — Install From File — specify downloaded archive.
  • Through your favorite browser visit the BIS website and register your account.
  • In Blender: Node Editor window – T-panel – BIS tab:
  • Sign in with the username and password created on the BIS website.
  • To save the group of nodes into the BIS storage, select the desired node group and click “Add nodegroup to BIS”. Specify description tags in the "Tag" field before saving.
  • To restore nodegroup from the BIS storage – specify the name/tag in the “Search” field and click “Search in BIS”. Click on the preview window and select the necessary material from the drop-down list.

  • 15 active cells are available. More materials stores to reserve pool. Send materials to reserve and restored currently needed to fit within available cells count.
  • If the stored to BIS nodegroup uses textures, only the relative paths to textures are saved in BIS. Uploading such material from the BIS, the add-on searches for the used textures along the saved paths on the user’s local computer.
  • Update materials previews images through the BIS website.

Version history:


  • Checked all compositing nodes, provided proper work with compositing node trees


  • Automatically add Blender version to tags while storing material to BIS


  • Automatically add render engine name and "procedural" (if node group is procedural) to tags while storing material to BIS


  • Some bugs fixed


  • Added the Open storage


  • Node group storage divided to separate types: Shader, Compositing, World


  • Added labels to preview images
  • Fixed some bugs with "Frame" and "Reroute" nodes


  • Preview automatically generation for procedural node groups added


  • Internal code updates


  • Release!
  • The server part of the storage has been put in order.
  • The external and internal design of the BIS website is finished.
  • Fixed and corrected some add-on code.
  • Updated the BIS description page.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs and errors.


  • Supports all cyceles nodes
  • Supports saving texts from Text editor


  • Supports all cyceles nodes from groups (Shift + a): Input, Output, Shader, Texture, Color


  • Early access