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Examples of Kotlin Scripts and usages of the Kotlin Scripting API
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Kotlin scripting examples

This repository contains example projects and individual scripts, as well as links to the external examples demonstrating Kotlin Scripting functionality and API usage.

If you know good examples of the Kotlin scripting API usage, not mentioned here, please submit an issue or a pull request with the link and short description.

Examples in this repository

The complete project could be compiled with Gradle, as well as imported e.g. in IntelliJ IDEA.

The individual example projects are mostly independent and could be copied and reused independently, but build files should be adopted accordingly, mostly to supply required Kotlin version properties and setup inter-project dependencies when needed

Script definitions with scripting hosts

External examples



The Apache 2 license (given in full in LICENSE.txt applies to all code in this repository which is copyright by JetBrains.

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