Converter of TypeScript definition files to Kotlin external declarations
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Converter of TypeScript definition files to Kotlin declarations

This requires Kotlin 1.1.x to run. It generates Kotlin files that are compatible with Kotlin 1.1+.

How to use

The simplest way to use is install the latest version form npm:

npm install -g ts2kt


ts2kt [<options>] <d.ts files>

Where possible options include:
-d <path> Destination directory for files with converted declarations, current directory is used by default
-h Print a synopsis of standard options
-X Print a synopsis of advanced options

How to setup project

  1. clone this project
git clone <this project url>
  1. get submodules (
git submodule init
git submodule update
  1. install dependencies
  • using installed node.js:
npm install
  • without installing node.js:
ant -f build.xml
ant -f build.xml update.node.modules
  1. setup path to node interpreter in IDEA (Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM)

  2. Convert the tool to Javascript. One way is to open the project in IntelliJ and build the project (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+F9).

  3. (optional) Run the unit tests

ant -f build.xml run.test.for.testData
  1. Run the tool in one of these ways:
  • Run it with node.js (Note: the root of the project should be working dir):

    node out/production/ts2kt/ts2kt.js path/to/input.d.ts path/to/output.kt
  • Directly call translateToFile_puj7f4$ from JS (translateToFile in code).

  • Create run configuration like shared jq and run it.

How to update submodules
git submodule update --remote

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