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Puppet Postgres Module
Puppet Ruby
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Allow specification of postgresql.conf template
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Postgres Puppet module.

All bugs produced by Kris Buytaert (and now Kit Plummer too).

There are two variables that need to be set at the site.pp level: $postgres_password = "password" This sets the default password for the postgres user and database. and $postgres_version = "84" This sets the version of Postgres to be required.

Init the database before you start configuring files as once hba files etc exists in /var/lib/pgsql/data the initial database creation won't work anymore .

include postgres
postgres::initdb{ 'host': }
# Current postmaster.ops template has only listen address configurable,  this can offcourse be expanded as needed...
postgres::config{ 'host': listen => '*', }
postgres::hba { 'host':
  allowedrules => [
    'host    DATABASE all  trust',
postgres::enable{ 'host': }`

To add a user and password:

postgres::createuser{'username':passwd => 'password',}

To create a new database:

postgres::createdb{'newdb':owner=> 'username',}

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