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Kris My Ass is a fantastic Discord bot written in .Net Core.

Getting started

This is a fairly straight forward service to run but first thing is first!

  1. Setup your application and bot in discord's developer portal (
  2. Once setup, take the bot's token and put it in a system level environment variable called discord_bot_krismyass_token
  3. Invite your bot to your Discord server(s) by crafting the following URL, making sure to set the client_id query string appropriately with your discord app's client_id:
  4. Enjoy!

Currently supported

Eventually this bot will support a wide variety of features but, initially, it's a bit limited. So they're all listed here!

Stock ticker

Simply run $SYMBOL to get the current price of a stock. You can chain multiple like $aapl msft ebay via spaces or any other, non-alphanumeric character.