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PyQ - Python for kdb+

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PyQ brings the Python programming language to the kdb+ database. Part of the Fusion for kdb+ interface collection.

It allows developers to integrate Python and q codes seamlessly in one application. This is achieved by bringing the Python and q interpreters into the same process so that code written in either of the languages operates on the same data. In PyQ, Python and q objects live in the same memory space and share the same data.

Please report issues in this repository.


pip install pyq

See detailed installation instructions.


For Python programmers:

$ pyq
>>> from pyq import q
>>> 1 + q.til(10)
k('1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10')

or run your Python script as

pyq [python options] python-script

For q programmers:

$ q
q)p)from math import hypot  # prefix python code with p)
q)p)q.h = hypot             # import a python function
q)h 3 4                     / call the python function from q


Documentation is available on the PyQ homepage.


Use tox to run tests.

cd path/to/pyq/source