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Standalone Amazon Elastic Transcoder client for PHP 5.2+
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Elastic Transcoder PHP Class

PHP class for interacting with Amazon Elastic Transcoder that does not require PEAR.


Object-oriented method:

$et = new AWS_ET($awsAccessKey, $awsSecretKey, $awsRegion);


AWS_ET::setAuth($awsAccessKey, $awsSecretKey, $awsRegion);

Note: us-east-1 is the default AWS region setting. The third parameter is optional for us-east-1 users.

Job Operations

Creating a transcoding job:

$pipelineId = 'pipelineId';
$input = array('Key' => 'inputFile');
$output = array(
  'Key' => 'outputFile.mp4',
  'PresetId' => 'presetId'

$result = AWS_ET::createJob($input, array($output), $pipelineId);

if (!$result) {
  echo AWS_ET::getErrorMsg();
} else {
  echo 'New job ID: ' . $result['Job']['Id'];

List jobs by pipeline:

AWS_ET::listJobsByPipeline( string $pipelineId [, boolean $ascending = true ] );

List jobs by status:

AWS_ET::listJobsByStatus( string $status );

Get job info:

AWS_ET::readJob( string $jobId );

Cancel a job:

AWS_ET::cancelJob( string $jobId );

Pipeline Operations

Create a new pipeline:

AWS_ET::createPipeline( string $name, string $inputBucket, string $outputBucket, string $role [, array $notifications ] );

Get a list pipelines:


Get info about a pipeline:

AWS_ET::readPipeline( string $pipelineId );

Update pipeline settings:

AWS_ET::updatePipeline( string $pipelineId, array $updates );

Change the status of a pipeline (active/paused):

AWS_ET::updatePipelineStatus( string $pipelineId, string $status );

Update pipeline notification settings:

AWS_ET::updatePipelineNotifications( string $pipelineId [, array $notifications ] );

Delete a pipeline:

AWS_ET::deletePipeline( string $pipelineId );

Test the settings for a pipeline:

AWS_ET::testRole( string $inputBucket, string $outputBucket, string $role, array $topics );

Preset Operations

Create a preset:

AWS_ET::createPreset( array $options );

List all presets:


Get info about a preset:

AWS_ET::readPreset( string $presetId );

Delete a preset:

AWS_ET::deletePreset( string $presetId );


Set AWS authentication credentials:

AWS_ET::setAuth( string $awsAccessKey, string $awsSecretKey );

Set AWS region:

AWS_ET::setRegion( string $region = 'us-east-1' );

Get HTTP status code of server response:


Get server response:


Get error message, if any:


More Information:
Getting Started with Elastic Transcoder


Released under the MIT license. alpha

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