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Supervised learning for novelty detection in text
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Novelty detection in text corpora

Pythia is Lab41's exploration of approaches to novel content detection. We are interested in making it easier to tell when a document coming into a corpus has something new to say. We welcome your contributions (see our contributor guidelines) and attention.

Run a quick experiment

You can get started very quickly on a system with Docker using the following commands to pull our publicly available image and train an XGBoost model on the sample data that comes with the repository:

docker pull lab41/pythia
docker run -it lab41/pythia experiments/ with XGB=True BOW_APPEND=True BOW_PRODUCT=True

Tests and building

docker build -t lab41/pythia .     # runs tests and builds project image


Our code is written in Python 3. It requires a recent version of Anaconda, as well as a C/C++ compiler system, e.g. GNU gcc/g++ (available in package build-essential on Ubuntu/Debian systems).

Once these have been installed on your system, envs/ will install the necessary Python dependencies in an Anaconda environment called py3-pythia.

The Docker-based distribution comes prepackaged with all necessary dependencies, provided Docker itself is available.


Prebuilt documentation available at