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NightWatch Documentation


Environment Setup

  1. Global Dependencies
    $ brew install node
  2. lambdatest Credentials
    • In the terminal export your lambdatest Credentials as environmental variables:
    $ export LT_USERNAME=<your lambdatest username>
    $ export LT_ACCESS_KEY=<your lambdatest access_key>
  3. Project Dependencies
    • Install Node modules
    $ npm install

Running Tests

  • Tests in Parallel:

    ** Linux/Mac

    $ ./node_modules/.bin/nightwatch -e chrome,edge tests

    ** Windows

    $ node_modules\.bin\nightwatch -e chrome,edge tests

You will see the test result in the Lambdatest Dashboard

Routing traffic through your local machine

  • Set tunnel value to True in test capabilities

OS specific instructions to download and setup tunnel binary can be found at the following links.

Important Note:


SeleniumHQ Documentation
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