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Laravelium Feed package for Laravel.


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Laravelium Feed package for Laravel.


  • Dev branches are for development and are UNSTABLE (use on your own risk)!


Run the following command and provide the latest stable version (e.g v8.*) :

composer require laravelium/feed

or add the following to your composer.json file :

For Laravel 8

"laravelium/feed": "8.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "8.x-dev"

For Laravel 7

"laravelium/feed": "7.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "7.x-dev"

For Laravel 6

"laravelium/feed": "6.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "6.x-dev"

For Laravel 5.8

"laravelium/feed": "3.1.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "3.1.x-dev"

For Laravel 5.7

"laravelium/feed": "3.0.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "3.0.x-dev"

For Laravel 5.6

"laravelium/feed": "2.12.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "2.12.x-dev"

For Laravel 5.5

"laravelium/feed": "2.11.*"

(development branch)

"laravelium/feed": "2.11.x-dev"

Publish package views (OPTIONAL) :

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Laravelium\Feed\FeedServiceProvider"


How to generate basic feed (with optional caching)

How to generate multiple feeds

How to add images to your feed

How to use custom view for your feed

How to use custom content-type for your feed

and more in the Wiki

Contribution guidelines

Before submiting new merge request or creating new issue, please read contribution guidelines.


This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.