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Small, no-nonsense text editor for Unix written in LDPL.
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Lute, Lartu's Utility for Text Editing, is a simple, no-nonsense text editor for Unix and general *nix systems written in LDPL. While written as a proof of concept for the LDPL Programming Language, Lute is completely functional and has been written using mostly itself as the text editor for its code.

Lute Screenshot

Lute has been developed using the LDPL Ncurses Library.

Building Lute

Clone this repository, cd it and run ldpl lute.ldpl -o=lute. You need to have LDPL and libncurses installed to build Lute. If you are on Debian, you may install libncurses by running apt install libncurses-dev.


You can download pre-compiled binaries of Lute for amd64 Linux from the releases section of this repository.


Run lute <file> to open <file> and edit it.


  • Arrow Keys: move across the text.
  • Page Up and Page Down: move up or down 10 lines, respectively.
  • End and Start: move to the end or the beginning of the line, respectively.
  • Control-W: turn debug mode on and off.
  • Control-O: save.
  • Control-X and Control-C: quit.
  • Control-T: change UI colors.
  • Control-K: add a line to the copy-stack.
  • Control-U: paste all the copy-stack before the current line.
  • Control-R: empty the copy-stack.
  • Control-D: delete the current line.


Lute was created by Lartu and is released under the MIT license.

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