Library to generate initials from a full name. PHP 5.6+
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Generate initials from names

This is the core of LasseRafn/php-initial-avatar-generator, or well.. the initials generation part of it.

It's framework agnostic, which is different from basically everything else I do, you're welcome.

Supports UTF8 (yes, also emojis.)

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You just require using composer and you're good to go!

composer require lasserafn/php-initials


As with installation, usage is quite simple. Generating a image is done by running:

use LasseRafn\Initials\Initials;

echo (new Initials('Lasse Rafn'));                                   // Output: LR
echo (new Initials)->name('Justine Bieber')->generate();             // Output: JB
echo (new Initials('John Christian Doe'))->generate();               // Output: JD
echo (new Initials)->generate('Leonardo');                           // Output: LE
echo (new Initials)->length(1)->generate('Camilla');                 // Output: C
echo (new Initials)->name('Jens Ølsted')->getUrlfriendlyInitials();  // Output: JO

All you'll have to do is either pass in the name in the constructor like so:

echo new Initials('The Name Here'); // TH

or use the name($name) method, to specify the name.

Supported methods

name($name = 'John Doe')

$initials->name('Albert Magnum')->generate();

length($length = 2)

$initials->name('Albert Magnum')->length(3)->generate();


This method will output the initials. It's completely optional, you could also just echo out the class as it has a __toString() method.

$initials->name('Albert Magnum')->generate();


Will output url-friendly initials (stripping characters like ÆØÅ)


  • PHP 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1