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Where can we ask questions?

You can ask questions on Twitter (@lavernaApp), IRC (#laverna), Gitter, or email

How to build the electron app?

You can build the electron app by installing electron-prebuilt globally via the NPM

npm install -g electron-prebuilt

After that, you go in the Laverna folder and start electron:

cd laverna
electron .

Now the app should be built and start automatically.

How do you use TAGS?

You can create or attach tags by using hashtags. For example, if you write in a note #mytag, it will attach a tag (in this case mytag). If a tag doesn't exist, Laverna will automatically create it.

How do you use TASKS?

Tasks can be created like this:

[ ] my todo

Is there a way to import existing files and stuff that was not created by Laverna?

Right now there is no mechanism to import files not created in the app itself, but in the future we may add it.

Can I just send someone money through PayPal?

Unfortunately we can't accept donates through Paypal. If you want to donate to accelerate the overall development of the project, you can do it on our Salt page on BountySource. If you want to accelerate the development of a particular issue, you can post a bounty on BountySource.

How to generate a complete translation file?

Suppose you want to work on the french translation. This is a way to find the difference :

cat en/translation.json| cut -d: -f1>/tmp/en.txt
cat fr/translation.json| cut -d: -f1>/tmp/fr.txt
diff /tmp/en.txt /tmp/fr.txt

Is it possible to reset the encryption key without the password?

No, it's not possible to reset encryption key without knowing the password.

How to remove everything and start over?

Caution, this will delete ALL of your data in Laverna. Be careful!

  1. Clean your cache
  2. Remove IndexedDB database; in the browser, enter this in the javascript console: indexedDB.deleteDatabase('notes-db'), in the app you remove the database folder, which is here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\Laverna on Windows and here: ~/.config/chromium/laverna on Linux.

Why can't I recover data from cloud storage after switching to another browser?

Did you import your settings? It doesn't sync encryption settings to cloud storages. You have to export them from your first browser and then import them to the other.

How to use the offline modus on mobile devices?

There is no "official" mobile solution, but you can build the mobile application yourself, issue #174. Hopefully we will eventually release a mobile build ourselves when we feel that it is ready.

Can I use link in Dropbox App Panel to use Sync on my own shared hosting?

Unfortunately if you are using it on your own shared hosting, you will not be able to use as confirmation link. You should setup SSL certificate on your server. It can be self-signed certificate if you want to make things simple.

Which database does Laverna use to store data?

It uses indexedDB to store data. If your browser doesn't support this, it uses either WebSQL or localStorage.

How can I read out my notes from the web app?

This is not possible in Laverna, because there is no way to store data to your file system from a web app. If you need this feature nevertheless, you should use the desktop app.

How to connect Laverna with Dropbox?

  1. If you don't have a Dropbox account, create one at
  2. Login to the Dropbox API ( ) with your Dropbox account
  3. Go to "My Apps" -> "Create App"
  4. Select "Dropbox API", "App folder" and choose a name for your app after that
  5. Go in the Settings of your app
  6. In Redirect URIs, add "http://localhost:9000/" and "" and "http://localhost:9000/dropbox.html" (both without quotes)
  7. Allow implicit grant
  8. Open Laverna and go to Settings -> Sync
  9. Select Dropbox as Cloud storage
  10. Copy the App key from your Dropbox app to the Dropbox API key text field in Laverna

Now Laverna should sync to your Dropbox account.

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