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RoboRock Control Center


Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are really nice, but need a cloud connection to use all features. You don't like your data in chinese hands? Then try RRCC for free and use it on Windows, Linux and MacOS!

The current version supports the following features:

  • control vacuum (start, pause, stop, spot cleaning, return dock, find)
  • set fanspeed
  • reset consumables
  • add, change and delete timers
  • show cleaning history
  • set sound volume
  • decrypt, encrypt and install voice packages
  • search, download and update firmware
  • control dnd and carpet modes
  • set wifi ssid and key
  • convert 96->32 byte token
  • multi language (English and German)
  • cross platform (same look & feel on Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Only on rooted devices:

  • extract token via ssh
  • install/update/uninstall Valetudo
  • map functions via Valetudo (goto, zone cleaning, virtual walls and nogo zones, flip, rotate, zoom)
  • show installed firmware and valetudo version


main window


Download the latest version for your operating system. All 3 files (exe, dmg, AppImage) contain the binary, translations and required libraries to run RRCC on the target platform without installing anything.

This is an 7zip self extracting archive. It will be automatically extracted to "%temp%\7zxxxxxxxx" and after that the "rrcc.exe" is started. You can copy this directory or extract the file with 7z if you want the content.

Note: some virus scanners classify RRCC as malicious. This is due to the use of 7zsfx. If you don't trust me unzip the exe and scan that directory, no warnings should appear now.

This is an Apple disc image. You can mount and run or copy the application.

This is an AppImage package. Don't forget to "chmod +x *.AppImage" after download and then run it. You can use the parameter "--appimage-extract" if you want the content.

For better system integration it's recommended to install AppImageD or AppImageLauncher.

Build from Source

If the release binaries doesn't work for you build it yourself:

  1. checkout the source code

     git clone
  2. change into the new rrcc directory and generate the Makefile

     cd rrcc && qmake
  3. compile the source code


GUI fans just install the Qt-Environment, open the "" project file and click on the build button.

Hints for compiling:

  • Qt 5.11 or greater required
  • libarchive-dev and libssh-dev required


You can reach me at Roboter-Forum.


RRCC is based on

Thanks for this great software!