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Please add links to your examples for using the Learning Registry on this page.

API Examples

This is not intended to be a full list of supported API calls, but a list of examples of commonly used ones.

  • Node Description - https://<nodeUrl>/description
  • Node Services - https://<nodeUrl>/services
  • Node Status - https://<nodeUrl>/status
  • Harvest Record (by ID) - https://<nodeUrl>/harvest/getrecord?request_ID=4ebf25ff043841f48f5c0d61ffdf5d81&by_doc_ID=true
  • Harvest List (from, [until]) - https://<nodeUrl>/harvest/listrecords?from=2013-11-01&until=2013-11-02
  • Harvest (metadata formats) - https://<nodeUrl>/harvest/listmetadataformats
  • Harvest (harvest endpoint) - https://<nodeUrl>/harvest/identify
  • Obtain (endpoint)- https://<nodeUrl>/obtain
  • Obtain (by URL) - https://<nodeUrl>/obtain?request_id=ftp://cdiac.ornl.gov/pub/ndp001/ndp001.pdf
  • Obtain (by ID) - https://<nodeUrl>/obtain?request_id=649b0e963ea44f9c9d5c787197b6e7fc&by_doc_ID=T
  • Slice (tags) - https://<nodeUrl>/slice?any_tags=science
  • Slice (identity) - https://<nodeUrl>/slice?identity=ADL
  • Slice (from, [until]) - https://<nodeUrl>/slice?any_tags=science&from=2011-05-11&until=2011-10-31
  • Extract (data service), filtering on standard, using ASN id - https://<nodeUrl>/extract/standards-alignment-related/resource-by-discriminator?discriminator=http://purl.org/ASN/resources/S1013C40

See Also: Data Examples

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