Release Notes 0.23.7

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DRAFT Release Notes 0.23.7


Release 0.23.7 is a maintenance release to 0.23.6. That is primarily a bug fix. It is a recommended upgrade for anyone performing distribution to remote nodes requiring credentials.


  • Enhancements to Distribute Registration Form aka /register:

    • Added BrowserID registration to capture valid emails for contact purposes.
    • Added ability to specify distribution endpoint username/password when registering a distribution endpoint.
  • Bug Fix:

    • When distributing to an endpoint that required credentials, an error was thrown due to a malformed function call when creating the CouchDB replication document with access credentials.

Upgrading from 0.23.6


  1. Install swig

    sudo apt-get install swig

  2. Activate your Learning Registry Virtualenv

    . /path/to/virtualenv/lr27/bin/activate

  3. Stop running instances of Learning Registry

    sudo service learningregistry stop; sudo killall -9 uwsgi

  4. Update your Learning Registry code base

    cd /path/to/checked/out/LearningRegistry; git fetch origin master; git checkout 0.23.7

  5. Update LR module to install new dependencies

    pip uninstall LR; pip install -e ./LR/

    Note some versions of Ubuntu (>=11.10) my fail installing M2Crypto due to an undefined symbol: SSLv2_method error. If you encounter this issue install M2Crypto separately then follow by install LR again:

     pip install -e bzr+
     pip install -e ./LR/
  6. Start Learning Registry

    sudo service learningregistry start


  1. Open cmd.exe from Start Menu

  2. Activate your virtualenv


  3. Install m2crypto

    easy_install m2crypto

  4. Stop Learning Registry process

  5. Update source code, launch Git Shell from Start Menu then:

      cd c:\path\to\src\LearningRegistry
      git fetch origin master
      git checkout 0.23.7
  6. Install LR

    pip install -e .\LR\

  7. Start Learning Registry process

    cd LR then paster serve development.ini


  • d33fe42 Fix distribution credentials
  • 209e4fc Fix distribution credentials
  • 0ec7307 Adding BrowserID gateway to Register for Distribute
  • 206680d Adding BrowserID gateway to Register for Distribute
  • 6976b1e updated to allow username/password for distribute