Set of basic React + Typescript guided samples, cover basic principles of this technology.
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React Typescript by sample

The goal of this project is to provide a set of step by step guided samples, covering core concepts of React (props, state, replace, cycle...).


  • Bundling based on webpack.
  • React + Typescript based.
  • Simple navigation using react-router.

Contributors and reviewers are more than welcome.

To get started:

  1. Install NodeJS.
  2. Install webpack - npm install webpack -g.
  3. Download this repo.
  4. Open the command line of your choice and cd to the root directory of this repo on your machine, then cd to one of the demos projects.
  5. Install the required packages - npm install.
  6. Builds the project and launch a lite dev web server - npm start.
  7. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ if your browser doesn't open automatically.


00 Boiler plate

Bundling + npm start based on webpack.

01 Hello React

Hello world, simples react render sample.

02 Properties

Introduce a basic React concept, handling properties.

03 State

Introduce a basic React concept, handling State.

04 Callback

Using callbacks.

05 Refactor

Refactor the job done.

06 Move Back To Stateless

Remove state from a child control just to have clear governance of state.

07 Enable

Enable/disable components.

08 ColorPicker

Simple color picker demo (show how properties work).

09 ColorPicker Refactor

ColorPicker refactor.

10 Sidebar

Implementation of a single sidebar.

11 Table Mock

Render a table and use a child component to render each row.

12 Table Http

Using Promises.

13 Should Update

Enhance rendering performance hooking to 'shouldComponentUpdate'.

14 React Router

Sample of navigation.

15 Login Form

Basic implementation of a login page.

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