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Is Libertree based off previous work on other social networks?

Libertree is an effort built entirely from scratch. While we may be flattering other projects by borrowing or imitating good ideas or concepts, the source code is totally new.

What is a river, a tree, a forest, a pool, a spring?

Have a look at the Libertree Glossary.

Is there a roadmap?

At the moment the bugtracker will show you what is planned in the near future.

How many trees are there?

Have a look at the list of trees. Note that this is only the trees known to publicly accepting new members.

How many people are using Libertree?

It is possible for arboristas to get a fairly accurate estimate of this number, but it is considered somewhat private information, so it is not published. The first forest sees maybe 30 to 65 posts per day (in September 2012).

Why is [browser plugin] telling me about [Google Analytics / third-party cookies / some other tracking]?

The official Libertree software does not have any tracking in it. Instances of tracking can almost always be attributed to images or multimedia that have been embedded in posts by members. The most likely source for Google Analytics is youtube videos. To cut this source of GA from your Libertree experience, disable automatic embedding in your account settings.


Can I connect to people on other social networks?

There currently is no way to do this with Libertree. We plan to work on interoperating with Friendica once the Libertree protocol has been tested sufficiently. As our protocol is designed to be minimalist, communication with other free networking protocols is generally possible through translators that convert incoming and outgoing messages. Read more about how this fits into the greater vision of Libertree at "Libertree and other social networks".

How can I format posts (bold, italics, links)?

You can use Markdown to edit your posts.

How do filter out posts in languages I don't understand?

See Filtering Languages with Rivers.

How can I control what appears in my river(s)?

Read up on how to manage your rivers.

Is there a guide or reference on how to create custom CSS for my Libertree account?

Grab application.css from the server then go into settings and copy paste and modify what you want (just the interesting parts, not the whole CSS-file)

Check out and play with the Custom CSS_Snippets to get an impression what you can change with Custom CSS - modifications.

When does a post change its status to "read" or "unread"?

Any of the following will change a post to “read” status:

  • visiting the post's URL (single post view)
  • expanding the post excerpt on the home page
  • Like-ing a post
  • clicking “mark read” or “mark post read”

A read post will change back to unread when any of the following happens:

  • the post receives new comments
  • the author edits the post
  • "mark post unread" is clicked

Suggestions & Requests

Can you make these/some/all links open in a new tab/window?

Use Shift-click, Ctrl-Shift-click, ⌘-click or scroll-wheel-click to open in a new tab or window. If we force links to do this, members won't have a way not to do it. Right now, they have a choice.

Can you put in a way to quote all of a post/comment/DM?

The absence of this is a feature. (Think signal to noise ratio.) If you desperately want this, ask a non-core developer to write a browser plugin, or such.


Does Libertree have an API?

There is a member-level API. Servers can be interacted with using the Libertree protocol.

How do I set up my own tree (server)?

Have a look at Libertree Installation.

How can I contribute?

See the Contributing wiki page.

My question is not answered here.

Post your question on Libertree with the #question hashtag, or ask in #libertree on Freenode.

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