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Blender Addon: Bezier Curve CAD Tools for CNC Milling & Laser Cutting
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Overview Video

Context Menu > Bezier CAD


Select spline points to round them by inserting arcs. Only works on corners between straight lines with handle type "vector".


Select exactly two bezier splines to combine their area into a new one by union, intersection or difference.


Select at least two segments to split them at their intersections.

Merge Ends

Merges two end control points into one while preserving the relative positions of their handles.


Blender only allows for uniform subdivision. This operator enables you to select multiple segments and split them at custom parameters simultaneously.


Add a bezier circle which completes the selected segment into a full circle.


Measures the arc length of the selected bezier segments.

Add > Toolpath

Offset Curve

Creates a toolpath with a defined offset to the selected splines.

Slice Mesh

Creates a toolpath with a defined offset to the selected mesh.

Rect Macro

Creates a toolpath for a rectangular area.

Drill Macro

Creates a toolpath for a circular hole.

File > Export

SVG (for Laser Cutting)

  • Fills and Colors
  • Selection Only / All Visible
  • Viewport Projection / Local Orthographic Projection
  • Absolute / Relative Coords
  • SVG Path: Move To, Line To, Curve To, Close
  • Units

G-Code (for CNC Milling)

Exports the active curve. It must contain exactly one spline / polygon which must be non cyclic.

  • Feed Rate: The "softbody goal weight" is used to encode this information per vertex
  • Seek: Fast movement
  • Line: Slow movement while cutting
  • Circle: Reconstructed from bezier curves
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