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A simple tutorial plugin which replaces English spellings with American spellings
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To build the plugin:

  • Clone the repo into your plugins folder
    • On OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/LightTable/plugins/
    • On Linux: ~/.config/LightTable/plugins/
    • On Windows: %APPDATALOCAL%/LightTable/plugins/
  • Open declassifier.cljs
  • Connect an nrepl client to the project.clj
  • Save declassifier.cljs or run the command Editor: Build file or project. You should see "Compiled plugin to ...declassifer_compiled.js" in the statusbar
  • Run the command Plugins: Refresh plugin list to detect the plugin
  • Save declassifier.behaviors or run the command App: Reload behaviors to load/reload the plugin behaviors

For interactive development, use the built-in clojurescript eval (ctrl-enter by default) and choose the Light Table UI connection.

Note: due to Issue 1042 the App: Reload behaviors command will not reload the plugin source. To pick up changes either use interactive eval or restart Light Table.

Important files are plugin.edn, which contains metadata about the plugin and also points to the behaviors file. The behaviors listed in declassifier.behaviors are loaded by the plugin manager. Most plugins will contain at least {:+ {:app [(:lt.objs.plugins/load-js "declassifier_compiled.js" true)]}} in order to load code into Light Table.

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