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Getting Started


In order to use SCUMM-8, you will need your own copy of the PICO-8 Fantasy Console in order to run it and to export your own game creations.

First Steps

If you want to start building your own SCUMM-8 game, I'd recommend you download a copy of the Template cart as a starting point to see how it all works.

This cart contains an example room, object and actor and includes the "minified" SCUMM-8 engine code at the bottom to make it all work. Then simply replace the top portion your own game content (rooms, objects, actors, graphics, music, etc.).

For a more advanced example, check out the code to the SCUMM-8 Demo Game cart.

For documentation of the functions and features available, please see the SCUMM-8 API Reference.

At some point, you will likely hit the limits of PICO-8's max compression size (and/or character count). For this, I highly recommend Dan Sanderson's picotool. Specifically, the luamin function, which minifies Lua code.

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