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London CSS Site

Netlify Status

The source for the online home of the new London CSS!


git clone
cd website
yarn start


Sass pipeline

  • Source Sass files are under src/scss

  • Compilation is via templates at src/assets/css

    Using templates means that Eleventy's own watchers trigger compilation and ensure that changes to Sass files are kept in sync with Browsersync's refresh schedule.

  • CSS is transpiled to the same path under dist as the templates exist under src:

    // input
    // output

Houdini-powered social images

Each event has an associated Houdini-powered background image sourced from sites like @una's iconic extra.css and @malchata's awesome paintlets.

In order to generate social media images

  1. A special version of the /events page - src/events/puppeteer.njk - loads custom CSS, paintlet modules and fonts
  2. Puppeteer snapshots the event nodes
  3. The images are stored in dist/static/events

Under development

  • Rollup-based JS pipeline
  • Full PWA status


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