Java Wrapper for Loop54 JSON API
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Java Wrapper for Loop54 JSON API

How to use

The project can be built and tested with the included gradle config.

Two jar files are included in the project in the /build/libs folder, Loop54.jar which includes the library only, and Loop54-all.jar which also includes all its dependencies.


  • Wraps Loop54 JSON API with native Java functions.
  • Handles user identification using random-generated cookies. Note: requires that valid HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse are provided in the Request constructor.
  • Uses X-Forwarded-For as client IP if it's available (for clients behind proxy or load balancer).
  • Has options for compatibility with different engine versions (pre V2.5).
  • Configurable HTTP timeout.
  • Automatically handles compatibility with pre V2.3-engines (provided that the pre V2.5-option is enabled).
  • Handles GZIP.
  • Relays HTTP data to engine:
    • Referer
    • Url
    • UserAgent
  • Has javadoc.

Backward compatibility

Loop54 engines are (as of 3.1) able to use different API versions depending on the version of the library that connects to it. Contact your technical administrator at Loop54 to make sure that your engine is correctly configured.


  • Generic methods for getting data from a Response Object
  • Generic Item collections