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Character (excluding lowercase alphabet) to WingDings Converter, made in JavaFX.
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WingDings Converter

JavaFX WingDings Converter - converts text to their WingDings equivalent. Only works one way, uses Unicode for WingDings characters.

alt tag
Image of WingDings Converter's GUI


Type any captial letters into the "Text" textbox, and they will be converted to WingDings in the "WingDings" box in real time. Not too much to this application other than that.

Because of the kind of unicode characters utilized, they may break when copy-pasting outside the application into some sort of chat; some characters may paste into two unknown characters.

Things To Fix?

A future implementation of this would ideally:
-Actively convert from WingDings to Text
-Better character usage so to allow for using full range of WingDings in other applications (i.e. chat applications)
-Better aesthetic for the scrollbar (currently too large, due to the font-size used, and falls outside of the color scheme)

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