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Will you write the way into her heart?

DDLC-LOVE is a Doki Doki Literature Club port programmed in Lua for the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Sony PS Vita, PSP, and PS3!

This port is unofficial and is not affiliated with Team Salvato. Please support the official game. You can download Doki Doki Literature Club at:

Get the official console versions at:



  • LÖVE - Run the LÖVE executable (.love) using LÖVE version 0.10.2 or 11.3
  • PS Vita - Install the .vpk using VitaShell. You can now run DDLC-LOVE from the home screen
  • Switch - Run the .nro with Atmosphère title takeover functionality. The LÖVE executable (.love) may also be used. More details can be found in lovebrew
  • PSP - Download the .zip for the PSP version, and extract the folder with EBOOT.PBP to your memory stick at ms0:/PSP/GAME/. You can now run DDLC-LOVE from the XMB
  • 3DS .3dsx - Put the .3dsx to the 3ds folder on the root of your SD card. You can now run DDLC-LOVE from The Homebrew Launcher
  • 3DS .cia - Install the .cia using FBI. You can now run DDLC-LOVE from the home menu
  • PS3:
    1. Download the .zip for the PS3 version.
    2. Extract all files of the .zip to the root of a compatible USB drive to be used for the PS3, and install Lua Player PS3.pkg (you need CFW/HEN to get Package Manager). This only needs to be done once for setting up
    3. To run the game, insert the USB drive to the rightmost USB slot and launch Lua Player PS3 from the XMB

Some notes:

  • DDLC-LOVE versions for all systems except the PS Vita and LÖVE versions will no longer be updated.
  • Limited support for Switch, PSP, 3DS, and PS3 (see #123)
  • (Switch) Only Atmosphère is supported.
  • (Switch) (LP1.1.0) For Atmosphère 0.10.2 and up, add enable_deprecated_hid_mitm = u8!0x1 in sdmc:/atmosphere/config/system_settings.ini under [Atmosphere] (see #111)
  • (PSP) PSP 1000 systems are not supported.
  • (3DS) Only the latest Luma3DS is supported.
  • (3DS) Make sure that dspfirm.cdc is dumped for audio to work (use DSP1)

Locations of save files:

  • You can reset the save data and start over by deleting the save file folder. This is also mentioned in the help menu ingame.
Platform Location
PS Vita ux0:/data/DDLC-LOVE/savedata/
Switch sdmc:/switch/DDLC-LOVE/
PSP ms0:/PSP/GAME/DDLC-LOVE/savedata/
3DS sdmc:/3ds/data/DDLC-LOVE/
PS3 dev_usb000:/DDLC-LOVE/savedata/
Other see love.filesystem


  • For v1.2.1, game assets are to be extracted from the v1.2.1 release
  • Game assets from the DDLC-LOVE-Assets repo are only to be used for v1.2.0 and older
  • For all Sony devices, LOVE-WrapLua is also required beside the game folder (index.lua, script.lua, and the LOVE-WrapLua folder)