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FIRST Rust Competition

Build Status

A monorepo for wpilib for programming FRC robots and cargo-frc for deploying said code. Currently a pre-alpha WIP.

Getting Started

Parts of this repository are designed to be compiled for a RoboRIO, the processor used in the FIRST Robotics Competition. To cross-compile your code and run Rust on your RoboRIO, follow the instructions in WPILib's README.

Examples can be found in wpilib-examples.

To deploy code you write using wpilib, use cargo-frc.

A small project template is available in

Other Rust Projects

If you want to go further with Rust development for FRC, check out these other community projects:

  • ctre-rs for functionality found in CTRE Phoenix.
  • nt-rs for using NetworkTables.
  • navx-rs for interfacing with Kauai Labs's gyroscope.


Verify you can build wpilib, (see its README) then run make all. cargo-frc should build out of the box, but you should cargo install it to use it properly.

For a full list of build requirements, see the Dockerfile used for Travis CI.


The contents of this repository are distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0). By contributing, you agree to license your contribution under these terms.


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