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Homepage for Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council
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Homepage for Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council

After making a change, always check out the live site a few minutes later to make sure it's working! If you broke your page (or the whole site 😱), don't fret, it's easy to fix up. Get in touch with someone from the comms or tech groups and we'll jump on it.

Create a new post

Open the _posts folder.

Click "Create a new file".

Name the file For example, an assembly on August 21st 2017, would use 2017-08-21-general-assembly.

Paste this at the top of the file:

layout: post
author: MACC NYC

Post content here!

Fill in the date and title. The date should be in the same format as the file name, <year>-<month>-<day>.

Replace Post content here! with your post! You can just put in plain text, or for fancier formatting, check out Markdown docs.

At the bottom click "Commit new file" and your post will go live in a few minutes!

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