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Kimera is a C++ library for real-time metric-semantic simultaneous localization and mapping, which uses camera images and inertial data to build a semantically annotated 3D mesh of the environment. Kimera is modular, ROS-enabled, and runs on a CPU.

Kimera comprises four modules:

  • A fast and accurate Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) pipeline (Kimera-VIO)
  • A full SLAM implementation based on Robust Pose Graph Optimization (Kimera-RPGO)
  • A per-frame and multi-frame 3D mesh generator (Kimera-Mesher)
  • And a generator of semantically annotated 3D meshes (Kimera-Semantics)


Click on the following links to install Kimera's modules and get started! It is very easy to install!

Kimera-VIO & Kimera-Mesher






If you found any of the above modules useful, we would really appreciate if you could cite our work:

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  author = {Rosinol, Antoni and Abate, Marcus and Chang, Yun and Carlone, Luca},
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BSD License

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