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Digital Payments Simplified

MONEI is Southern Europe’s fastest-growing omnichannel payments platform. We help merchants in various sectors from e-commerce and physical retail to restaurants and service-based businesses sell more, save money on transaction fees, and reduce risk with our advanced payment services.


  1. Shopify-api-node Shopify-api-node Public

    Node Shopify connector sponsored by MONEI

    JavaScript 934 276

  2. MONEI-WooCommerce MONEI-WooCommerce Public

    WooCommerce module for MONEI

    PHP 6 7

  3. monei-node-sdk monei-node-sdk Public

    MONEI Node.js SDK

    TypeScript 5

  4. monei-php-sdk monei-php-sdk Public

    MONEI php SDK

    PHP 2 2

  5. monei-python-sdk monei-python-sdk Public

    MONEI python SDK

    Python 3 1


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